About Us

An Affordable Auto Towing Company in Allen TX. When you need a reliable towing company in Allen, we are the ones to call. We have been serving the great city of Allen and some surrounding areas for over a decade. We started out as a small company but have grown since then. When you need the best towing and roadside assistance services, we are here for you 24/7. We mainly help customers in Allen but if you are outside of Allen, we may still be able to reach you and help.

When you do an online search for “tow truck allen” or “tow truck near me” and find our website, we suggest you browse the different towing service pages and see how much we have to offer. Our high quality services at affordable prices has allowed us to stand out of the competition. Our competitors may provide some of the same services we offer but we provide much more and keep the prices low. We do not want you to have to stress about how to pay for simple service like towing, fuel delivery of car unlock services. We are a business so of course we still need to charge for our services but we also feel for our customers in their emergency situation. We want to help you and be paid for our services but are not out to take advantage of you. So do not stress about this. Our fast towing services and other roadside services will help you get back on the road or have your car safely back at how or a car repair shop.

We have towed everything from the average small cars, trucks to luxury vehicles and with each one of them, we are dedicated to handling them with care. From the time we pick the car up, load it up on our truck and take it to the drop off location. Each step of the way, your vehicle is in safe hands. Roadside emergencies are frustrating enough that we know that you don’t want to add the worry of your car’s safety on top. Unlike other towing companies, we handle your car like it is our own.

Let’s be honest – roadside emergencies suck! Being stranded on the side of the road, the one and only thing on your mind is how to get help and get out of there In the pas, roadside assistance meant frustrating calls and long waits for a local towing company. Reaching reliable help would be just as frustrating as the roadside emergency. Times have changed. Things have gotten easier and quicker. All you have to do is google “allen towing service” and you will find us online. A quick call and you will be speaking to one of our friendly and very helpful reps. They will take down some info including your location. If you are happy with the quote provided, a tow truck driver will be send to you ASAP. See how easy this is. You’re already annoyed with being in this situation but getting in touch with a professional towing service is easier now. We are not happy that you ended up with this emergency but are always here to be the shoulder you can lean on. Give us a call for a free quote.

We know that you are not happy with the situation you find yourself in but with us, you will quickly forget that stress. We strive to leave you so satisfied that you tell your friends and family about us. Any time you need towing or roadside assistance, we hope you have our number saved so you can quickly get in touch. Life is not perfect. Bad things happen if to good people. Your car can run of of gas, your battery will die, you may get stuck in a ditch or end up in a car accident. As long as you and your passengers are safe, everything else can be fixed. Your safety and well being is the #1 priority. Your car or truck can be replaced but you and your family cannot. When the unfortunate things happen, let us be there for you.

We provide the best towing services in allen tx at vey affordable rates. Our towing team can be on the scene of an accident or car break down in minutes. Our past customers are proof that we are the best towing company in Allen. They relied on us to take care of them and their cars and you can too. From cars, truck to motorcycles, our team can handle all kinds of towing jobs. If you are unsure if we can tow what you own, feel free to give us a call and we are happy to answer your questions. If there is a roadside emergency that you are in and don’t know if we provide that service, call us anytime. Let us know the problem and we will let you know if we can help.

Allen Towing Company provides flatbed towing services in the Allen TX area. We are able to handle towing your truck, car, motorcycle, or luxury vehicles. When you are in need of a local towing company in allen, you know who’s phone number to call. Stuck on the road in the Texas heat or cold winter night? Are you wondering who to call? Are you worried about what the roadside service company will charge you for your trouble? Regardless of the situation you’re in, we are here to help 24 hours a day. Day or night, our towing team is ready for your call. Unexpected emergencies will happen to everyone at some point but as stressful as they are, Allen Towing Company would love to give you some peace of mind. We cannot turn back time and change what happened but we can help you moving forward. Give us a call with any questions and if you need a quote, feel free to ask one of our representatives.