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When your car battery dies, it can leave you stranded and alone. To fix this issue, you need another car, jumping cables, and someone who is trained and experienced in jump-starting cars. No matter where you are or what time it is, we are ready to help you with battery jump start service in Allen. Twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, we are ready to come help you jump-start your car and get on your way. We have years of experience jump-starting cars and can do this with great ease. When you call Allen Towing Company, one of our experienced mechanics will arrive to the site of your car to elevate your stress. Our experienced mechanics will arrive with the proper tools and immediately hook your car’s battery up to ours with our high quality jumper cables. You will then start your car, which will pull jolts of energy from our car battery to yours, and your car’s battery will fire right up! After this quick fix, your car’s battery will no longer be dead, and you will be ready to get on your way thanks to Allen battery jump-start service.

There is no need for you to stress or worry next time your car’s battery dies. We know it can be stressful when your car dies, and we want to save you the stress. What’s more, we know that jump-starting your car can be a dangerous and confusing process. Sometimes, people who do not know how to jump-start cars put themselves at risk of a car fire by incorrectly jump-starting a car. Car batteries can become full of vaporous sulfuric acid, which can cause a fire or even a dangerous explosion if exposed to a spark. Let our experienced technicians at Allen Towing Company mitigate these risks, keep you safe and get you on your way by jump-starting your car. We do this efficiently and all for a reasonable and affordable price.

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A dead battery can happen unexpectedly, especially at the most inconvenient times or locations. You might not always have someone to contact nearby to help you jump start your car to get up and functioning again. That is where Allen Towing Company comes in. You can always count on us to assist you when your car decides it needs some additional help to get going and to stay going. We offer the fastest roadside assistance you need, even when you might be expecting anything to happen. It can be as simple as forgetting to turn the lights off when you are exiting your car can lead to a dead battery. Even leaving the door or trunk slightly open can drain your car battery. However, sometimes more serious issues can come up within your vehicle’s wiring and operation system that can result in a dead battery as well.
While we can be there quickly and set a goal to have your car jumped as soon as possible, unfortunately not everything can be as easy as it seems. Your car battery might need to be replaced too. Allen Towing Company has your back on that as well. With fast battery replacement, you can rely on us to receive the best service when you call on us for assistance during these stressful times. You should never have to pull over to the side of the road alone or with your family, or wherever you are located with a dead battery, when you have a reliable and courteous place to contact like Allen Towing Company. We are extremely happy to help our customers who might face breakdowns in areas in Allen, TX or close by! If you ever feel like you have a dead battery, do not hesitate to call us at (214) 428-6577 so we can get our professionals out to you in no time. Even if you are not too sure of what may have happened, we will help you figure it out when we fix the damage too. Our various services range from more steady situations to those that may need more care. Though most of our customers are individual people, we are eager to assist our commercial customers with our services too. In addition to towing, we offer flat tire changes, car lockout services, roadside assistance, fuel delivery service, and many more that our customers may need at any moment. Please give Allen Towing Company a call to help you and your vehicle!

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